Tarzan never had so much fun

Every now and then, it’s nice to just kick back and share a quiet moment with the one you love. Peace and quiet instead of the hustle and bustle. Laid-back instead of high-flying. And what better occasion to steal this moment then on your anniversary with your sweetie. Your sixth one together, no less. Nice. Easy.

Or not.

Instead, you could do what we did two weekends ago and trek up to Lincoln, NH, to Alpine Adventures and spend two hours in the White Mountains on their zipline course, sliding from tree to tree over steel cables—sometimes a hundred feet above the ground below you—and failing miserably in resisting the urge to let loose (more than once) with a joyous “WOOHOOOOOOOO!”.

A close-up of our lifelines.

One of our trusted course guides. Well, his back anyway.

But feel free to do the whole peace and quiet thing, too. I mean, that’s always a safe bet.

Or not.

“How exactly did I swing this?”

Joe McNally, photographer extraordinaire, recently started blogging. Which in and of itself is pretty cool. But in one of his most recent posts… well, I couldn’t have said it better:

You see, I’m in this club. Along with a few million other guys. We are card carrying members, have a secret handshake and hand signs similar to the tap to the nose Redford and Newman used in “The Sting.” It’s a huge club cause every lumpy guy who somehow ended up with a wonderful woman in his life is continually thunderstruck by that event. You look over at her at the end of the day and scratch your head. “How exactly did I swing this?” you ask yourself.

Cause face it, most guys just recently stood upright and discovered the miracle of opposable thumbs and the world of possibilities that presents. It’s pretty cool. And being in the club really can get you through the worst of days […]

Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetie. I’m glad I’m in the club.

How I know she loves me

My sweetie got back last week after almost two weeks back in Texas to help her sister move into her new house. On her way back, we were chatting on the phone, and she told me that she had a surprise for me and that there was a story behind it. Oooooh, I love surprises…

So I picked her up at the airport, and as we loaded her bags into the trunk, she unzipped one of her suitcases and showed me the surprise—or rather, surprises. One surprise was a dozen kolaches (little—well, not so little—meat-and-cheese stuffed rolls) from Shipley Donuts. Now, you have to realize that there are about a bazillion Dunkin Donuts up here in New England, but none of them have donuts as good as those at Shipley. And I guarantee you that none of them have kolaches. (In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen kolaches up here… guess this area doesn’t have a big Czech population?) Anyway… YUM.

But then there was the second surprise. More food. (Does she know me, or what?) And even better than kolaches. Pep’roni rolls from DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks. And just what is a pep’roni roll? Think of a slice of pepperoni pizza. Now take that slice and roll it up like a crescent roll so that all the meat and cheese is on the inside, and the crust is wrapped around the whole thing. That, in a nutshell, is a pep’roni roll. And it is about as good as it gets. And the only place I’ve ever seen them is at DoubleDave’s, meaning there ain’t one within about 2000 miles of here.

And now the story: My sweetie called a Dave’s branch the night before she flew back home to place a pick-up order for the rolls. The guy who answered the phone asked rather hesitantly what she wanted to order. When she said she just wanted a dozen rolls, the guy said oh, no problem, just come on by in about 20 minutes. When she got there, the building was dark and the parking lot was empty—but when she peered through the front window, she could see the guy waving her in. (They were obviously about to close, and she thanked him for sticking around to take her order.) When he asked what kind of sauce he wanted with the rolls (mmmm, pep’roni rolls and ranch dressing…), she said she didn’t need any, as these rolls weren’t for her but for her husband (me!) back up in New Hampshire who couldn’t get pep’roni rolls up there (read: here). To which he said that he was now really glad he took this one last order. So am I, big guy, so am I…

So a big thank you to the nameless DoubleDave’s dude. And an even bigger thank you to my sweetie for bringing me back some gastronomic goodness.

(By the way, the kolaches and pep’roni rolls are all gone. Now I’m sad again.)

Five years

Five years ago today, she said “I do.”.

Five years since that day, she still hasn’t (yet) run away screaming in terror. Will wonders never cease. :-)

Sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday. Sometimes it feels like it’s been forever. I guess that’s what love is.

Happy anniversary, kiddo.

Four years later

Four years? Only four years? It seem like forever—and I mean that in a really, really good way, believe me.

Four years ago, we said “I do”.

Four years ago, we started a life together filled with more fun, more laughter, more love than I could ever have imagined. (And evidently, four years ago I turned into a Hallmark card… :-)

Four years later, and I wouldn’t change a thing—except to wish that we could have started even earlier.

Happy anniversary, kiddo. I love you.