2016 BAA 5K

BAA 5K medal. I wasn't the victor but still got the spoils.
BAA 5K medal. I wasn’t the victor but still got the spoils.

A great Saturday. A peculiar but great Saturday…

Headed in to run the BAA 5K. Realized my race bib was still at home, with not enough time to go back and get it. Pissed and despondent. Figured I was SOL given how strict the BAA (rightfully) is regarding bibs, so there went this year’s distance medley. Wonderful friends talked me off the ledge.

Turns out the BAA has a comprehensive replacement bib setup. I mean, many/most races don’t have registration processes as good as the BAA’s replacement process. Got a replacement bib 15 minutes before start time. Ran an intentionally slowish 5K in 33:46 in preparation for next weekend’s Big Sur marathon. Got my unicorn medal.

Had an amazing post-race breakfast torta. Randomly met Australian runner Callum in line for food. (Boston qualifier with a 2:56. Callum is fast.) Randomly met him again on Boylston on the way to the expo. Survived the chaos of the expo.

And afterwards… tater tots. And beer. And appreciation for a peculiar but great Saturday.