#project365: Day 65

Waiting for the train at the Coolidge Corner T stop in Brookline, MA.

Since I was without my “big-boy” camera last night, I decided to push the limits of the camera on my new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. I’d heard that it wasn’t exactly the best in low-light, and for the most part I’d have to agree. Lots of noise, plus some smudgy details due to whatever low-light smoothing algorithm is present in the camera. (Need to see if I can disable that somehow.) After processing the hell out of it, I ended up with something that’s… usable, but only online. Still, you have to figure out what you can (and can’t) do with whatever you have on you, so it was still a successful experiment at that.

Specs: Samsung Galaxy S5, using native camera app. Post-processed in Adobe Lightroom 5 and Adobe Photoshop CC.