Alaska Cruise 2012: Last days…

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The last full day of the cruise was spent entirely at sea—no more shore excursions. Time for one last look around at the sights on board our floating home away from home.

Here’s a peek at the sights to which we were treated to finish out our time at sea…

A view down the main promenade circling the ship.

At sea on the last full day of the cruise.

Another view at sea on the last full day of the cruise.

A completely lucky shot of a bald eagle far off in the distance, as seen from our stateroom.

Sunset as seen from the ship on our last night of the cruise.

Pulling into the port of Vancouver, ending our amazing cruise.

And with that, Alaska Cruise 2012 came to an end. Five days on land, the better part of a week at sea—and it still felt like it ended too soon. An absolutely wonderful way to celebrate 10 years of being married to my sweetheart. Can’t wait to see where we go for our next milestone celebration…