More men about the house

We’ve been in our house for a little less than five years now, and almost since the beginning, we’ve talked about replacing the main entry doors (the front door and the side door to the patio). The original wood doors were inefficient, and the framing was a bit out of square, meaning I could never get them to weatherseal properly, something I was reminded of every winter when the temps dropped and the cold air worked its way in through the seals.

After this year, no more. We finally decided to get the doors replaced. In their places are new foam-filled steel doors, both with nice tight seals. Each door also has a new storm door with built-in screens and glass (yay—no more swapping out screens and glass inserts every spring and winter!)—in fact, the storms are so solid, you can have the entry doors open on a moderate winter day and the storms themselves keep most of the cold out.

So a big shout-out to Dave and Greg with Hamann Carpentry for the work they did on our doors. If you’re looking for a great outfit for almost any carpentry need around the house in the southern New Hampshire area, give Dave a call. (In fact, we’ve already got plans to enlist his services again after the New Year for some closet work.)

The only hiccup: Poor scheduling on my part. I mean, really—who in their right mind schedules work involving putting a hole in your exterior walls (in this case, ripping out the original doors) during late December? In New England. D’oh.