On to Plan B

We had a fun day planned on paper for Saturday: We’d start off in Boston at the SoWa Open Market (a weekly event during the summer), then head over to the North End to pick up a couple of things. But while there were a couple of interesting merchants, the market wasn’t quite what we were expecting—we had in our minds something more like the fabulous Portland Saturday Market (Portland, OR), but the SoWa market turned out to be a much, much smaller affair. And for the most part, the North End turned out to be a very unexpected bust, as three out of the four places we were really after were closed (probably a Sunday thing, as we typically visit there on Saturdays)—no Salumeria Italiana, no Polcari’s, no Cirace’s, but we at least managed to score some always-yummy cannoli at Modern Pastry.

So we started to make our way back into town to pick up the T (Boston’s subway) back to our car. As we made our way past the tourist trap of Faneuil Hall and approached Congress St. near City Hall, we saw that the road was barricaded off. So we asked what was going on, and it turned out that a cycling race through the downtown streets was just about to start—the 2010 TD Bank Mayor’s Cup, a professional criterium race, it turned out. We decided to stick around for a few minutes, as neither of us had seen a race like this up close.

Just for fun, I decided to experiment with “panning”—that is, setting a fairly slow shutter speed, then tracking a moving subject (by moving—panning—the camera to follow the subject) while taking the shot. Done well, it’s a cool way to impart a sense of motion to a photo. But as I rarely do this, I still have a lot to learn about it, and in this case, I actually set my shutter speed a little too long (1/10 second, I think… probably should have gone to something a touch faster).

But the results are still pretty cool:

Rider at the TD Bank Mayor’s Cup 2010 in Boston.

Another rider at the TD Bank Mayor’s Cup 2010 in Boston.

Yet another rider at the TD Bank Mayor’s Cup 2010 in Boston.

Then again, shooting the old-fashioned way ain’t too bad either:

One lap to go for the peleton!

And as it turned out, us sticking around for a few minutes turned into us watching the entire race. So in the end, it was a fun way to spend the afternoon, even if it wasn’t what we had planned. Things seems to have a way of working out like that for us… here’s hoping our luck continues.