What I’ll be doing on my summer vacation

(Oh, look—a post! Will wonders never cease…)

Due to schedules and whatnot, we didn’t take a “real” summer vacation in 2009. That will not happen again in 2010. All the details remain to be worked out, but we’re in the process of staging a two-week trek up the West Coast from San Francisco to Vancouver. Which in and of itself would be a complete blast, but this journey will include a confirmed-as-of-last-night 7-days/6-nights stay in…

Yosemite National Park.

We’re finally going back, six years after having first been blown away by the place. And this time, we have something specific planned: the 15-16 mile/10-12 hour hike up and down Half Dome. (Oh yeah, we’re crazy…)

I… am… ecstatic.

Details to come later. Feel free to be extremely jealous of us at your leisure.