Reading is fun

You know what I adore? Books. Being around books. Being around lots of books. Being around piles and piles of used books—and buying them. That’s what we did this past weekend at the annual Five-Colleges Book Sale in Lebanon, NH, where from among the tens of thousands of used books they had for sale, we walked away with upwards of two dozen of them for less than the price of a nice dinner for two. And what’s not to like about that?

Hello, old friends…

Oh, and speaking of dinner for two, being up in that neck of the woods made it a moral imperative that we also stop for dinner at what’s becoming one of our favorite restaurants—Fire Stones in Quechee, VT. Nothing fancy, but always well done. What’s amusing is that we’ve been to Fire Stones upwards of half a dozen times in the past year or so—and we live almost an hour and a half or so from the place! (and our next less-than-great meal there will be our first less-than-great meal there) So yes, you could say we like it a little. :-)

And look—more friends!

And you know what else I adore? The fact that Vermont does not allow billboards along its roads and highways. But again, what’s not to like about that?