How to remove Facebook’s new “Highlights” box

Count me among the countless many that have grown to despise the new Facebook layout. But rather than just pile on with a repetition of the same (and valid) complaints, I’m actually here to present a solution.

One of the common complaints I’ve heard—and one that I share—is around the pretty much brain-dead useless new “Highlights” box that now pollutes the sidebar on your Facebook home page. But if you’re not afraid to do just a tiny bit of hacking, you can get rid of this waste of space forever (or at least until Facebook changes their page code again, thus breaking this hack).

Note: This hack assumes you are using the Firefox browser and not, say, Internet Explorer (though why in god’s name are you still using IE?). You may be able to employ a similar hack for IE, but I do not have the first clue how to do this, and I have zero interest in finding out how, so you’re on your own.

1. Install Stylish.

Install the Stylish add-on for Firefox, and restart Firefox.

2. Create your Stylish user style.

In the lower right corner of the browser window (far right side of the status bar), click on the Stylish icon and select Manage Styles… In the resulting dialog box, click on the Write… button.

Now create the actual user style in the resulting dialog box. First, give your new Stylish user script a descriptive name (Hide The Annoying Facebook Highlights Piece Of Crap, perhaps). Then, paste the the following text into the main text area:

@namespace url(;

@-moz-document domain(″″) {
#home_sidebar > .UIHomeBox:first-child {display: none !important;}

Click Save button, and you’re done!

3. Enjoy!

Once you save this custom user style (it should be automatically enabled by default, so you shouldn’t have to do anything extra to enable it), the “Highlights” box should be gone from your sight, and only the “People You May Know” and “Connect With Friends” boxes should remain in the sidebar.

(If you’re so inclined, you can easily banish the entire sidebar—including those two remaining boxes—by editing the text in step 2 above and removing the > .UIHomeBox:first-child bit; save, and the whole sidebar’s now gone.)

This helpful slap upside Facebook’s head brought to you by the letter “P” and the number “4”.

Follow-up (Mar 31): Looks like Facebook has re-ordered the boxes in the sidebar, so the above won’t work as is any longer (the Highlights box is no longer the first box). So I’ve had to resort to the nuclear option—removing the entire sidebar per the last bit above. Sorry, Facebook, nothing personal. Wait, yes it is.

Follow-up (Nov 01): This tip is now obsolete, as the latest of Facebook’s seemingly infinite series of “improvements” has done away with the Highlights section entirely in favor of the equally annoying Live Feed / News Feed dichotomy. Haven’t found a way around that one yet.