Men about the house

Good service should be rewarded, so here are a couple of rewards:

  • After procrastinating on this for, oh, the better part of the last two years, we finally decided to get serious about getting gutters for the house; this summer’s extreme wetness finally cinched it for us, what with all the resulting mustiness (and, unfortunately, mold) in the basement. After going through the requisite investigations, the one we ended up choosing was East Coast Gutters, local guys out of Hollis, NH. Not the cheapest, not the most expensive, but by far the ones who had the most professional and detailed presentation and the ones who gave off the best “vibe” (not that I would go around recommending that this should be how you choose someone to work on your house, but in this case, it worked for us!). And I can now say that I would unconditionally recommend them to anyone looking to have gutters put up at their house. The crew that showed up was just as impressive as the initial pitch, and the job they did was first class—well-done, clean, professional from top to bottom. And yes, the new gutters look great, too. So many thanks to Jules and his crew at East Coast Gutters! (even if it took us two years to finally get to you…)

  • Another thing we’ve always wanted to do (and this goes back to when we lived in Texas) but, again, never quite got around to doing was have a professional home energy audit. And truth be known, we were probably getting close to finally breaking down and paying for someone to come out and do it, what with the cold winters up here and the impending spending on heating oil for the coming season. But as luck would have it, my sweetie—who seems to have a knack for winning these sorts of things—won a drawing for a free home energy audit from Energy Audits Unlimited out of Manchester, NH. And what we ended up receiving was not some cursory, token inspection, but rather a comprehensive, top-to-bottom inspection from basement to attic that took the better part of two hours. As it turns out, our house is actually not in too bad a shape (especially for being around 50 years old!), but as we had hoped, the inspection turned up a couple of areas where we could definitely make some improvement. So a big thanks to (and recommendation for) Paul and company at Energy Audits Unlimited! We’re looking forward to having them out again (this time on our dime) after we fix things up.