Tarzan never had so much fun

Every now and then, it’s nice to just kick back and share a quiet moment with the one you love. Peace and quiet instead of the hustle and bustle. Laid-back instead of high-flying. And what better occasion to steal this moment then on your anniversary with your sweetie. Your sixth one together, no less. Nice. Easy.

Or not.

Instead, you could do what we did two weekends ago and trek up to Lincoln, NH, to Alpine Adventures and spend two hours in the White Mountains on their zipline course, sliding from tree to tree over steel cables—sometimes a hundred feet above the ground below you—and failing miserably in resisting the urge to let loose (more than once) with a joyous “WOOHOOOOOOOO!”.

A close-up of our lifelines.

One of our trusted course guides. Well, his back anyway.

But feel free to do the whole peace and quiet thing, too. I mean, that’s always a safe bet.

Or not.