It’s fortified
With vitamins
It’s pasteurized
And I love it

from “Milk” by The Judy’s

The time was the mid to late ’80s. The place: college. The occasion: One of the handful of times I was treated to the sheer joy of a live show by The Judy’s, a Houston-area new wave band that, for a little while, was all the rave on the local college music circuit. With songs such as “Milk”, “T.V.”, and “Trixie and the Killer”, it was a good time to be had by all when they played. Ah, the joys of seeing The Judy’s play the old Deware Fieldhouse at Texas A&M with a couple hundred of your closest (albeit drunk and sweaty) friends.

Until now, you could only get their music on cassettes or (*gulp*) albums. And it goes without saying that they’ve been just a wee bit out of print for awhile.

Moo (The Judy's)

Cover art for Moo by The Judy’s.

But now… nirvana. The classic LPs Washarama and Moo are now available as CDs, and they sound just as good as they did back then. And how do I know this? Because I am now the overly happy owner of both of them. The timeline went something like this:

  • Late last year: Found the website for The Judy’s music. Read with utter glee that they were reissuing the albums on CD by the end of the year.
  • March 2nd: Randomly stumbled back to the website. Read with sheer bliss that the CDs were out. (“Oh my god, The Judy’s CDs are out!”—or something to that effect—was the extent of the conversation between me and my sweetie.)
  • March 2nd, about two minutes later: Ordered the CDs.
  • March 7th: CDs arrive. Happiness ensues. No world peace (yet), but happiness nonetheless.

Washarama (The Judy's)

Cover art for Washarama by The Judy’s.

And if you can’t appreciate the joy and genius of a song like “Trixie and the Killer”… well, frankly, I’m not sure we can even be friends.