“How exactly did I swing this?”

Joe McNally, photographer extraordinaire, recently started blogging. Which in and of itself is pretty cool. But in one of his most recent posts… well, I couldn’t have said it better:

You see, I’m in this club. Along with a few million other guys. We are card carrying members, have a secret handshake and hand signs similar to the tap to the nose Redford and Newman used in “The Sting.” It’s a huge club cause every lumpy guy who somehow ended up with a wonderful woman in his life is continually thunderstruck by that event. You look over at her at the end of the day and scratch your head. “How exactly did I swing this?” you ask yourself.

Cause face it, most guys just recently stood upright and discovered the miracle of opposable thumbs and the world of possibilities that presents. It’s pretty cool. And being in the club really can get you through the worst of days […]

Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetie. I’m glad I’m in the club.