There’s no justice

Inside of 30 seconds left in the game… score tied 55-all after a late 7-0 run by the Aggies… Acie Law pulls up, shoots—GOOD! Texas A&M leads, 57-55, with 22 seconds remaining in the game. 22 seconds until a miracle berth in the Sweet Sixteen.

LSU brings the ball up the court… Aggie defense extends well, no good looks for the Tigers… 6… 5… 4… LSU’s Darrel Mitchell pulls up for an NBA three-pointer with a hand in his face—followed by the sickening sound of nylon popping as the heave hits nothing but net. LSU leads, 58-57, with 3.9 seconds remaining.

Aggies come out of the timeout… uh-oh, having trouble inbounding the ball… OK, good, ball is inbounded to Josh Carter, Carter turns up court… and slips making the turn. Ball is loose… there’s a scramble… and the clock hits 00:00.

Never even got a shot up.

Game over.

No Sweet Sixteen.

Aggies lose by one. One. On a prayer to boot.

And my life shortens by another couple of years.

F*ck. I’d rather have lost in a blowout.