As if posts around here weren’t sparse enough already, it’s not going to get better any time soon.

We just moved into our new (rental) place—that’s a good thing, and we’re enjoying it very, very much, especially after having been cooped up in a tiny little apartment since May. The new place is a detached condo (yay!—no neighbors!) that’s tucked up right against the woods… quiet, peaceful, and lovely views all around. Oh, and did I mention it’s about three times the size of the apartment? Yeah, loving that.

But the downside (and the whole point of this post)? We’re having all sorts of problems getting Comcast to install our combined cable/internet/phone services for us. (Yeah, yeah, putting all your eggs in one basket, I know. But the surrounding woods nix satellite TV as an option, and the “triple play”—my term, not theirs—bundle Comcast is offering is about the same price as just getting cable and internet separately.) After waiting at home for a little over two hours the other day, I was informed by the installation technician that he could not install services at that time because our pre-existing cable installation was not properly grounded and that a licensed electrician would have to come out and tend to that before Comcast would allow anything to be done. (Evidently, Comcast has been having problems with improperly grounded customer equipment setups causing trouble with their equipment and have started getting tough about it. Just my luck.)

So until that happens: no TV, no internet, no phone. Having to rely strictly on our mobiles is definitely annoying (especially since we don’t pull a very strong signal inside of the house), but I have to admit that it’s the lack of high-speed internet that’s causing me to suffer withdrawal pangs. Sad but true. But don’t get me wrong—not having any TV during college football season sucks.

And it helps not one bit that my sweetie is going to be heading out of town for the next week and a half or so. :-(

Follow-up (Oct 14, 2005): Electrician is at the house this morning to get the wiring fixed, and the installation as been rescheduled for next week. Here’s hoping…

Follow-up (Nov 02, 2005): Well, this story had an odd—but happy—ending