Movin’ on up

Or, at the very least, movin’ on out.

We received word late yesterday that an offer was forthcoming on our house back in Texas. And this morning, it happened—we officially received an offer to buy our house. And we accepted. Oh sure, they was the usual offer/counter-offer dickering (well, one round of it), but in the end, we said yes. We’re not going to make any money off the deal—we’re just breaking even—but given today’s housing market back in the D/FW area, we didn’t feel we could ask for the moon.

All that remains is the home inspection by the buyers and the actual closing. Oh, did I mention that the buyers want to close and have us out of the house by the 25th of this month? And that today’s already the 7th, and our house back in McKinney is still full of our furniture and most of our belongings? And that our current apartment lease up here doesn’t go up til the end of October? Yikes.

Follow-up (Aug 26, 2005): And then it was done—we now own no assets in the state of Texas.