London, then and now

It’s all over the news already, but here it is anyway: A series of bombings tore through central London during morning rush hour today; around half a dozen explosions have been reported at latest count. (The Guardian’s news blog is doing a good job of providing up-to-date reports.)

In addition to the public scale of this tragedy, this one struck a more personal note. You see, when we were on our honeymoon in London three years ago, our hotel was a block from the Edgeware Road station, one of the tube stops where an explosion was reported. We could see the station from the window of our room. And we were in and out of that station every single day for almost a week and a half.

The thoughts and prayers of two former visitors go out to you from across the Atlantic.

(I know I’ve been remiss in posting of late and had been hoping that my next post would be of the more mundane “oh look, I’m redesigning” variety, but sometimes life throws you a curve.)