They’re back, thank god


How did I miss the fact that New Order has a new album out??

I can still remember the first time I heard them: my junior year of high school, when I latched onto a bunch of British synth bands that weren’t quite cool yet (they all are now, so yes, I’m one of those fan-boys that was listening to them—and Yaz and Depeche Mode and so on—before you were). My first playing of Low-Life led immediately to my next playing, which itself led to a seemingly infinite number of subsequent playings.

Then New Order got popular. But remarkably, they didn’t start to suck. I’d almost argue that they’ve become subtly better over the years, definitely more well-rounded.

Their brand new release, Waiting for the Sirens’ Call, is already available as a digital release (read: iTunes), and the CD is set to be released on April 26th. Now normally I’d be all over iTunes for this one, but not this time. There’s something about New Order’s sound—synth-heavy, yes, but it’s more than that—that just doesn’t lend itself to the 128 kbps compressed format offered by iTunes. After all, what’s universally the first thing that’s sacrificed in music compression schemes? That’s right—the higher frequencies, the subtle pings, the crisp reverbs… and to listen to New Order without the full dynamic range would just be wrong.

So I’ll wait.

I won’t be happy, mind you, but I’ll wait.

But at least I know what I’ll be listening to on the drive up to Boston.