Big wheel keep on toinin’…

For the second time in my professional life, I’ve resigned from my job.

After almost five years working for my current employer, I will be leaving that job at the end of the month. The reason? Something better came along. Something that’s been occupying my waking thoughts for the better part of the past month. Something…

…in Boston. That’s right—after moving back to Texas from Massachusetts back in 2000, I’ll be heading back up there to start anew. But new job aside, it’ll be better this time around, as my sweetie will be with me. (There, ummm, was no sweetie involved when I moved up to New England the first time around back in ’95.)

Or as I mentioned to someone recently: “If it’s been five years, I must be moving…”:

  • 1990: Moved to Austin.
  • 1995: Moved to Boston.
  • 2000: Moved to Dallas.
  • 2005: Moving back to Boston.

(I also moved in 1992, but that didn’t fit the cool pattern.)

In all honesty, this has been something that’s been brewing since, oh, probably around Christmas or so. My sweetie had long ago detected that I wasn’t too thrilled with my job right now—yes, a job’s a job, but if it’s not interesting, it then becomes a chore—and I eventually came to my mental breaking point sometime earlier in the year. An opportunity presented itself back in Boston with a company formed by some of my former colleagues (from when I worked up there previously), and after exploring that opportunity in earnest, I took it.

It’s going to be something of a circus-slash-nightmare for the next couple of months, what with finding temporary housing on short notice, me going up there on my own for awhile (she has to finish out her last semester as a school teacher here), her coming up to join me, then us having to eventually come back to close on our house when it sells. But truth be known, it really doesn’t matter to us at all, as we’re both quite excited (“stoked”, as the kids would say… though actually, do the kids still say “stoked”?—anyhoo…) at the prospect of having a chance to start over.

We’re going to miss our life down here (mostly), and we’re going to miss our friends down here (definitely). But as my dad mentioned to me recently, everyone has only a handful of truly big decisions they have to make during the course of his lifetime, and sometimes you just have to take a chance.

So that’s the big news.

And here’s to our taking a chance.