Not really a fair trade, if you ask me

I asked K. at work if she’d like to have my root canal for me this afternoon. (Yes, another one—my second one in two years.)

She said “sure!”… if I’d have her annual gynecological exam for her this afternoon.

Needless to say, I took a big pass on that one. Suddenly, the drill doesn’t sound so bad.

Follow-up (Mar 01, 2005): The root canal was event-free, and as a pleasant surprise, I’m not experiencing any pain or discomfort at all the day after. Much different from my earlier one, but that one also involved having a new crown put in place (yesterday’s procedure drilled through an existing crown), so there was considerably less beating up of my gums. Now I can go to San Antonio this weekend in peace. Did I mention we’re going to San Antonio this weekend? Well, we are—five of us in all for a long weekend of SeaWorld, the Riverwalk, and shopping (in San Marcos on the way back). I can’t freakin’ wait.