Style points

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m way behind on what’s going on in pop music these days, having long since abandoned the wasteland that is the Clear Channel empire. (And besides, it would be perfectly reasonable to assume that I wouldn’t know what’s going on even if I knew what was going on—see, for example, the ABBA and Carpenters CDs I have at home.)

However, after catching wind of a few groups via blogs and the goodness that is the iTunes Music Store, I think I’ll take the plunge and see what’s out there just off the beaten path. First up on my plate:

Plus one that remains to be seen:

  • Bond—Four classically trained women playing pop-ified classical-influenced music. OK, four very leggy, classically trained women with a propensity for short skirts and stiletto heels playing pop-ified classical-influenced music. (I’ve heard their detractors describe their music as Yanni-on-steroids, but to me, it’s less New Age and more like a turbocharged quartet of Vannesa-Mae-types.) Visuals aside, bits of what I’ve heard have at least caught my attention, so I still may end up looking into them.

Admittedly, all the cool kids are probably saying “like, those are so yesterday”, but (a) I am not cool, and (b) so what. Next up: finding me some decent alt-country…