Game 12: Tennessee (’05 Cotton Bowl)

The Good: Seeing a sea of maroon once again at the Cotton Bowl as Texas A&M faced off against Tennessee.

The Bad: Having seats situated near the Tennessee band and being subjected to way too many playings of “Rocky Top” (now at #1 on my personal list of Most Annoying Songs Played By Opposing Teams).

The Ugly: Committing five turnovers en route to a humbling 38-7 loss to the Vols in the 2005 Cotton Bowl, giving up almost 500 yards of offense to Tennesee (including over 240 yards rushing).

Even with the terrible game by the Aggies (and it was a truly terrible game), it sure was good to see them play in Fair Park once again. All sorts of nostalgia, I tells ya (right down to losing—A&M has now lost their last five Cotton Bowl appearances). It was both fun and painful to watch the Bowl highlights as they flashed across the JumboTron—fun to see highlights from the Aggies of the mid-’80s, painful to see just how fast those past Aggie squads were and just how slow our current team is compared to them.

Still, the Aggies finished their turnaround 2004 season at 7-5 (5-3 in Big XII play), a three-game improvement from last season’s 4-8 debacle.