Just like the good ol’ days

22nd-ranked Texas A&M (7-4) has accepted an invitation to play in the 2005 SBC Cotton Bowl against #15 Tennessee (9-3). It’s the Aggies’ first trip back to Dallas since the ’98 Cotton Bowl and caps an amazing turnaround from last year’s 4-8 season.

I—and most others—had assumed A&M was headed to the Holiday Bowl, but the Aggies earned the Cotton Bowl invite instead by virtue of Texas (whose whining and begging and pleading apparently paid off) unexpectedly scoring a BCS berth. Hey, whatever—nothing’s perfect. A&M’s in the Cotton Bowl—that’s all that matters.

Why am I so pumped about the Aggies making it to the Cotton Bowl? (The BCS will come a-callin’ for A&M soon enough. I can wait.) Well, guess who lives in the Dallas area? The question now becomes: HOW DO I GO ABOUT SCORING ME SOME GOOD SEATS??!? Time to call in some favors…

Follow-up (Dec 06, 2004): I now have two tickets for the game. I love my friends.