Game 9: Oklahoma

0:02 left in the game, Texas A&M is at the OU 38, trailing the #2-ranked Sooners, 42-35. Aggie backup QB Ty Branyon drops back, looks, and fires… deep towards the near corner of the end zone—and it’s tipped up into the air! And tipped again! And… what?—Aggie WR Chad Schroeder is behind the gaggle of defenders! He lunges for the ball, and… it’s just beyond his grasp, as the ball falls harmlessly to the end zone turf.

(And you know what? I think he could have had an even better shot at catching the Hail Mary. On the initial tip, the ball really didn’t go anywhere, and it looked as if Schroeder sort of gave up on it then. When the ball was tipped a second time, he actually reacted as if he had been surprised, leading to an awkward and somewhat late lunge at the ball—and even then, he almost snagged it. Anyway, that’s what it looked like to me.)

Holy crap, what an amazing game. I’m not a big fan of moral victories, but I can’t say I’m disappointed with much about this game (other than the actual loss, I mean), especially given last year’s 77-0 embarassment at the hands of these same Sooners. Unfortunately, the turnovers are now occuring in bunches for the Aggies—they committed three turnovers (on top of the three TOs in last week’s loss to Baylor), leading to 14 OU points. However, A&M scored two TDs on special teams—one on a 71-yard catch-and-run on a fake punt, and one on a 4-yard pass out of a fake field goal—so it was kind of a wash. (Coach Fran has some balls on him, I’ll give him that; the fake punt, in particular, was just a complete shock.)

And to think, the Aggies almost pulled off the miracle without the help of starting QB Reggie McNeal, who did not play for almost the entire 4th quarter. Not sure if he was hurt or what. The Aggies definitely missed his legs a couple of times in the 4th, but then again, Branyon’s passing was right-on for the most part, and Reggie was winging ’em all over the place for much of the 3rd quarter.

A great game, still.

A&M is now 6-3 for the season (4-2 in Big XII play). Next game: Saturday, November 13th vs Texas Tech.