Game 8: @Baylor





Pick any of the above. Hell, pick as many of the above as you’d like, as all of them describe Texas A&M’s stunning upset loss to Baylor in overtime, 35-34. Baylor—who the Aggies beat, 73-10, in the midst of last year’s season from hell for A&M. Baylor—who hadn’t beat A&M since 1985. Baylor—who had a 5-63 record in conference coming into the game since the start of Big XII play in 1996. Baylor.

A&M’s defense had one of their better games of late, holding Baylor to less than 350 yards of total offense. But the Aggies’ pass defense once again made a star out of an unknown, as second-string Baylor QB Shawn Bell completed 64% of his passes (32-of-50) for four (!) TDs and the game-winning two-point conversion in OT.

Aggie QB Reggie McNeal had yet another day with over 300 yards of total offense (311 yards—268 passing, 43 rushing). But his interception-free streak ended at 205 straight passes when the Bears picked him off in the 3rd quarter.

And the Aggies forced yet another turnover—but, for the first time this season, lost the turnover battle, courtesy of giving up two fumbles and McNeal’s INT.

Inconceivable. Mind-boggling. Embarassing. Humiliating. And then some.

A&M is now 6-2 on the season (4-1 in Big XII play). Next game: Saturday, November 6th vs Oklahoma on ABC for the Big XII South lead.