1st inning: Woohoo! Yankees string together three consecutive two-out hits. (Is it just me, or does Schilling look a little off for the Sox…?) After 1 inning: Yankees – 2, Red Sox – 0

3rd inning: GODZILLA! Matsui rips a bases-clearing double with the sacks full. Schilling is definitely off his game tonight. After 3 innings: Yankees – 6, Red Sox – 0

4th inning: MOO-O-O-O-O-O-OSE! Mussina strikes out the side in the top of the fourth. Twelve up, twelve down&#8230 hmmmm…

6th inning: Light-hitting Yankees batter homers off of Wakefield (hmmm, sound familiar?), only this time it’s Lofton. And Godzilla plates another run—that’s 5 RBIs for the game for Matsui. After 6 innings: Yankees – 8, Red Sox – 0

7th inning: Damon strikes out again! Mussina is now perfect through 6 1/3 innings…

7th inning: …oops, never mind—Bellhorn just ripped a double. Oh well, great while it lasted… oops, there goes another hit. And another (whoops, there goes the shutout). And another. Out goes Moose… After 6 2/3 innings: Yankees – 8, Red Sox – 3

7th inning: Sturtze gives up a two-run homer to Varitek. The swearing starts. After 7 innings: Yankees – 8, Red Sox – 5

8th inning: Oh crap. Two outs, two on for the Sox, and Yankees-killer David Ortiz is batting. And… WHA—?? AAAUUUGH! All the local channels on DirecTV just went black! AAAUUUGH! Race upstairs to log on to to find that Ortiz laced a triple to deep center. This is not happening. Swearing escalates in full. But Rivera is now in the game for the Yanks… After the top of the 8th: Yankees – 8, Red Sox – 7

8th inning: YES! Bernie Williams rips a two-out, two-run double over Manny’s head! BER-NIE! BER-NIE! After 8 innings: Yankees – 10, Red Sox – 7

9th inning: Holy crap, the Sox just got two men on base with only one out…

9th inning: Mariano gets Mueller to hit into a game-ending DP. All is well. (Except for my life span, that is, which has been reduced by another year or two.) Final score: Yankees – 10, Red Sox – 7