Game 4: Kansas State

Texas A&M won their conference opener, holding on against Kansas State for a 42-30 win. It was a hard game to figure out, however. The Aggies made their fair share of big plays—some nice passes, a handful of sacks, a couple of forced turnovers. At one point, A&M held a 35-17 lead early in the 4th quarter, and it felt like the Aggies had outplayed KSU all game. Heck, the defense held all-everything back Darren Sproles to less than 70 yards rushing and made him a non-factor in the return game.

On the other hand, the Wildcats—who had yet to display anything resembling a passing game to this point in the season—had a great deal of success against the Aggie defense (when KSU QB Dylan Meier wasn’t being sacked, etc.). In fact, the Aggies made Meier look like a superstar, and he damn near led the Wildcats to a stunning come-from-behind win, pulling KSU to within 35-30 late in the fourth quarter. That doesn’t bode well for future games against the likes of Texas Tech, who everyone already knows can pass the ball. We’ll see—that’s still a ways down the road.

And it finally came to pass: A&M committed their first turnover of the seaon on a Courtney Lewis fumble early in the second half. Still, the Aggies are a very nice plus-10 in the turnover department this season (nabbing two interceptions and recovering two fumbles of their own) and are still one of the best in the nation in this category.

Regardless, if you had told most Aggie fans that the team would have only one loss at this point in the season, I’m pretty sure they would have taken it without even asking. An amazing turnaround from last season.

The Aggies are now 3-1 on the season (1-0 in Big XII play). Next game: Saturday, October 9th at Iowa State.