It’s almost here

If you haven’t figured out by now how much I love the Firefox browser, you haven’t been paying attention to me. (And if you haven’t figured out by now that you just really shouldn’t be using Internet Explorer as your browser, you haven’t been paying attention, period.)

Anyhoo, Firefox is at long last nearing its official 1.0 release, but to whet your appetite, the 1.0PR (Preview Release) version is now available. I won’t rattle off the whole list of why you should be using Firefox—you can read it for yourself.

Just get it already. I don’t know what else to say.

Full disclosure: I’d be remiss in not mentioning the one problem with FF 1.0PR that’s bit me so far. It used to be that when I clicked on a link from some external program (such as the equally faboo Thunderbird e-mail client from the same folks who bring you Firefox), the link would open up in the existing Firefox window, if one existed. However, upon upgrading to 1.0PR, something was a bit off, and a new browser window would consistently open up to display the link. A number of workarounds have/had been proposed on various forums, but none of them worked for me.

But I finally found a workaround that… well, works. By making use of the Tabbrowser Preferences extension for Firefox, I can once again force links to open in an existing window. It’s not perfect—I occasionally see a brief screen flash when I click on an external link, as a new browser window tries to open up but is immediately and automatically closed—but it’s quite workable. (By the way, the TBP extension is pretty cool in its own right, letting you config all sort of behaviors related to Firefox’s ultra-useful tabbed browsing. It just happens to solve my issue as well. Bonus, baby!)

Given that this is a known issue, I expect it to be resolved before too long, perhaps by the 1.0 official release. Regardless, it’s no reason for me not to love the latest Firefox release.

Follow-up (Oct 08, 2004): Ask and ye shall receive. As expected, the external links bug I mentioned above has been fixed in the latest Firefox nightly builds. In fact, I’ve been running the 20041005 build for a couple of days now, and it works like a champ (with no need for the Tabbrowser Preferences extension any longer). So yes, the official 1.0 release will have this fixed for sure.