Make up your mind, damnit! Geez…

Today, I felt like reverting back to a liquid layout.

Tomorrow, I may change my mind. Again.

Regardless, for now, the page content should pretty much fill up the available space in your browser window. I’ve put in a little safety feature to keep the content from becoming too narrow and subsequently unreadable, but because IE doesn’t support the CSS min-width property, IE users will lose this safety feature, meaning the layout will pretty much fall apart if you make your browser window too narrow (where “too narrow” is somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 ems or so).

But in line with what’s becoming my line of thinking, all I can say is “Too. Freakin’. Bad.”, followed by “Get a real browser.” I am this close to being completely sick and tired of working around IE’s deficiencies, especially for a personal site (my personal site), and I’m considering adopting the philosophy for IE of “as long as it works within reason, it’ll do”—where I get to define “within reason”—and quit trying to finagle things just to get them in line in IE.

Or, if I get some time to play around with it some, I may hack things up for IE using Dean Edwards’s ultra-spiffy IE7 extensions.

Then again, maybe I won’t.