Game 1: @Utah

Throughout the off-season, the Aggie faithful have seemingly pinned their hopes on the observation that Coach Fran’s teams “always” have a better Year Two than they do a Year One. Meaning 2004 was the year we popped back onto the national radar screen.

Final score: A&M – 21, Utah – 41. And it wasn’t even that close.

Granted, this was a road game (strike one) against a ranked opponent (strike two) with a relatively young Aggie squad (foul tip—you can’t really use that excuse two years in a row). But given how utterly wretched the team’s base execution was last season and given that the team now had a full year and change under Fran’s system, it was completely reasonable to expect to see progress. Not outright success necessarily, but simply some visible progress.

Hey, no turnovers. Didn’t force any either. Still looking…

Truth be known, I have a thought or two that are nagging me, but I’ll keep them to myself for now.

The Aggies are now 0-1 for the season (0-0 in Big XII play). Next game: Saturday, Sep 11 versus Wyoming.