I don’t get it.

OK, so I finally scored one of the “coveted” Gmail (i.e., Google’s free e-mail service) accounts. And after having played around with it for a little while, all I have to say is:


It’s Google, so that’s a plus (right?). But other than that… I don’t get it. The user interface is, ummmm, lacking, and it basically forces you to organize your e-mail in a less than intuitive way (folders? who needs ’em?—you can just search for whatever you need). I just don’t see the improvement.

But regardless, I apparently have six invites to hand out. (Right now, though, I can’t even give ’em away to my friends—I guess it’s not a big deal to everyone…)

Follow-up (Aug 31, 2004): They’re all gone now.

Follow-up (Oct 13, 2006): How times change—Gmail is now my primary webmail service.

Why say “diva”…

…when what you really should be saying is “bitch”?

Which only makes this item from Tim Keown’s latest list on ESPN.com only that much funnier:

And finally, we’d like you to go away now, and before we see you again we’d like you to eat a big sandwich and maybe even some chips: Russian gymnast Svetlana Khorkina, a woman whose ribs were in danger of poking through my TV set.

If you’ve caught any part of Khorkina’s whiny antics from this year’s Olympics, you’d realize why the first part is so appropriate. And if you caught any of the women’s gymnastics coverage on TV, you’d realize why the rest of it is so true (yikes!).

Lots o’ photographic goodness

On the one hand, as of yesterday, I am the proud owner of a Canon EF 28–135mm f/3.5–5.6 IS USM zoom lens, meaning I doubt my Rebel’s 35–80 kit lens is going to be seeing much action in the near future.

On the other hand, I still don’t own a digital SLR, i.e., the Canon EOS Digital Rebel, to hook it up to.

On yet another hand (let’s assume there’s another person nearby), I have been given permission to obtain said Digital Rebel, largely a result of all the photographic fun we had on our vacation stay in Yosemite.

But on still another hand (oh yeah, there’s definitely another person now), the car just went into the shop today for struts work. O ye gods, why must you torment me so??

(New) home sweet home

The move to the new Web host appears to have gone spendidly, and it appears the new DNS info has propogated. In other words, welcome to the new digs.

A little info about the move: I came to the decision quite some time ago that it was time to search for a new hosting service. My old host was OK, but that’s about it—”OK”. Server reliability (at least for a hosting service) was not up to snuff, basic features were only available for an additional cost, and customer service had been on the decline.

The new host: A Small Orange, a small and relatively new outfit but with stellar word-of-mouth. Funny name, but I’m loving them. Among the more important reasons why:

  • Very affordable ($5/month!)
  • Linux-based servers
  • Apache Web server with modules galore
  • PHP, Perl, custom cgi-bin—lots o’ scripting goodness
  • MySQL databases at no additional cost
  • SSH shell access at no additional cost
  • Ridiculously responsive technical support (via e-mail)

One thing I’ve noticed is that the server response—both for Web and e-mail—is leaps and bounds faster than with my old host. Damn near instantaneous, even when processing my PHP pages.

Now to be completely honest, I loved my old hosts at the very beginning, too, but they apparently grew faster than they could manage effectively. We’ll see what happens with ASO, but so far, so good.