Is it just me, or does it seem like people are suffering from a lack of perspective these days?

Take, for instance, the recent news that Cracker Jack has been replaced by Crunch ‘n Munch at Yankee Stadium. True, the old song doesn’t mention anything about “buy me some peanuts and Crunch ‘n Munch”, but still, we’re talking about an almost identical snack. A little smackerel of something sweet to enjoy while you’re taking in the old ball game.

But to hear some people whine on about it, you’d think that MLB was giving batters a fourth strike or something. For instance, take this quote:

“It’s sacrilege,” John L. Donahue, a Yankees fan and stockbroker from Huntington, N.Y. , said yesterday. “How do I explain this to my little boy when I take him to his first Yankee game? If the Cracker Jack name means nothing to the Yankees, will they do the same to Ruth and Gehrig?”

OK, Mr. John L. Donahue, Yankees fan, take a deep breath—then get a clue. Let’s see… [Babe] Ruth and [Lou] Gehrig, two of the all-time greats in Yankees and baseball history—you know, actual ballplayers—versus Cracker Jack, a nostalgic but still utterly irrelevant part of the actual game. I’m assuming that you’re taking your boy to the Stadium to see the Yankees, aren’t you? You know, watch the game, root for the home team, pass down a love of the game to the next generation? I mean, I assume that you’re not taking him there for the primary purpose of stuffing him full of oversweetened, unhealthy crap? (You could do that at home, after all, and for far less than the price of two tickets to the game.)

The only thing you should have to be explaining to your son is that he’s watching the best damn team in the league. That he’s watching a group of guys that include a couple of legitimate Hall-of-Famers. That there’s a difference between Kevin Brown’s slider and Mike Mussina’s knuckle curve. That he’s taking part in a pastime and a tradition that’s been passed down for generations. You should never have to argues the virtues of Cracker Jack versus Crunch ‘n Munch and whether or not the presence of one of the other is germaine to your enjoyment of the game. It shouldn’t even come up. And if it does, then you and your son are wasting your time at a ball game.

In other words, get your priorities (and the ones you’ll be passing down to your son) in the right order. The game comes first; everything else is just (overpriced) window dressing.