Good news and bad news, Part III

Only this time there’s no bad news.

Remember about a month ago when I got my annual cholesterol results? Just to refresh your memory, my cholesterol levels—which have always been elevated—hit new all-time highs for me, with an LDL level of 184 and a total cholesterol level of 246. At that time, my doctor started me on a regimen of Lipitor to bring things down. Hopefully.

I just had a one-month follow-up visit last week. And the results were abso-freakin’-lutely amazing: My LDL level is down (way down) to 83, and my total cholesterol level is now a healthy 146 (owing, of course, to the drop in my LDL level). A 100-point improvement in only a month’s time. Holy crap, Batman!

What this means is that with diet and exercise—and, of course, one little white pill a day—I can control this thing. Now that‘s what I call good news.