Good news and bad news, Part I

Which do you want first, the good news or the bad news?

Let’s go with the bad news.

I recently had my annual physical, and to absolutely no one’s surprise, there was only one thing out of the norm: my cholesterol level. I’ve had high cholesterol for years now, and for the most part, it’s been borderline high but manageable (i.e., around the low 200s). Last year, however, it ramped up into the 230s. And this year: 246, with an LDL level of 184—both way out of acceptable ranges. So say hello to my new friend Lipitor, one of the many available statins for reducing cholesterol levels. There’s a possibility that it may irritate my liver, so I’ll go in for a followup checkup in about a month or so.

So yes, it’s bad news, but it’s not surprising news. I just have to keep watching the diet, continue with my (recently rejuvenated) exercise regiment, and start popping one little white pill a day. Doc seems to think this oughta do the trick; we’ll see how it goes.