Geek poetry

(Pilfered from Slashdot:)

Just for some background, MIT holds an annual event called the Integration Bee (described as “Come watch your fellow students match wits and single variable integration skills for prizes and the title of ‘Grand Integrator’.”—I kid you not, this is a real event). Evidently, some geek won the Bee one year, prompting another geek to dedicate the following poem to him:

I love you
You are my hero
My love for you is 1/x
As x approaches zero

which in turn led yet another geek to ask:

Wait wait! As x approaches zero from which direction?

If you got this, you’re a geek. If you thought it was funny, you’re as bad as I am. And if, like me, you were already thinking the same thing (“from which direction?”) while reading the poem, you should probably fear for your mental health and/or sanity. Oh, and welcome to the club.