Kicking off the new year

Scattershooting to start the new year…

  • Finally getting to see The Gobos live last Friday night was a pure treat. Staying up til 1:00 a.m. for their set at Club Dada to start, however, was not. (What can I say—I’m getting old, OK? Now can we please drop it?) Sitting around with the band before their set started was fun. Being subjected to the sounds of the band Assmonkey (not their real name, but it should have been) that preceded them on stage was most definitely not.

  • Finally got around to seeing The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King yesterday afternoon. Holy crap, what a fantastic movie. (To all of you nitwits who insist on criticizing the movie because it doesn’t follow the original Tolkein text and story line for line: Shut up, and get a life.)

  • Finally got around to going back to Snuffer’s on lower Greenville after something like a ten-year absence. Don’t you hate it when things don’t quite match up with the way you remember them? I remember absolutely loving Snuffer’s, but after eating their last night, I’ll probably stick with JG’s for my burgers the next time I’m on Greenville. Don’t get me wrong—Snuffers is OK, but I just remembered it being… well, better than just OK.

And speaking of last night at Snuffer’s, one additional comment… To the parents sitting at the table across the aisle from us: It is not OK to let your small child wander away from the table and have him spin around and yell (loudly) in the aisle, almost running into the waitress on four separate occasions. It is not OK to smile sweetly and keep repeating to him “now, now, don’t go over there, stay where I can see you”. The only place you should be seeing him is sitting at the table with you. Period. If you want to annoy everyone around you during dinner, save it for your home, ‘kay? Thanks.