Christmas eve and other stories

I’m sure that you’ve heard their songs on the radio, especially ’round this time of the year. But the next time you get the chance, run—do not walk—to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert.

We saw them at NextStage here in D/FW on Saturday night, our second time to see them in concert. The first time we went (back in 2000) was a great show in its own right, but Saturday night’s show was da bomb, as the kids would say. First of all, there was a lot more interplay between the band and the audience this time around. Second of all, the set they played this time was 2 1/2 hours long (!). (*)

But here’s the kicker: After the show ended, a couple hundred of us waited around since the band made the announcement that they’d be signing autographs after the show. And sure enough, they did—and not just some of them, but the entire 15-person ensemble, band members and singers all. So not only did they put on a whale of a show, they stayed around until every last person got their stuff signed. We were towards the back of the line, and it was after midnight before we were out—and these guys still had to hit the road for a show in Houston on Sunday!

So a huge “thank you” to TSO—Al Pitrelli, Tommy Farese, Angus Clark, Jane Mangini, John Lee Middleton, John o’Reilly, Carmine Giglio, Lucia Micarelli, Michael Lanning, Guy LeMonnier, Jill Gioia, Sanya Mateyas, Kristin Lewis Gorman, Bart Shatto, and Tony Gaynor—for treating the fans to great show and for taking the time to reward rabid fan loyalty. You can bet we’ll be seeing you (again) at your next show up here.

(*) Oh, an aside to the idiots who left the show right after TSO finished their popular Christmas Eve & Other Stories set: You guys missed a full hour of the show. They’ve got other stuff, you know. Oh wait—you don’t.