*hack* *cough* *wheeze*

Gotta admire the dedication of some of my coworkers…

Sick with the flu, coughing and hacking like they’re about to lose a lung. But do they let this stop them? Heck, no! And so I sat last week, surrounded by flu-ridden but dedicated coworkers, coding away, coding away.

And then I got to spend the next week or so—including today, and still counting—coughing and hacking like I was about to lose a lung, sick with the flu.

For a few days, being vertical was enough of a challenge, never mind going to work. Right after that, I probably could have forced my way to work (and believe me, it’s not like there isn’t work to do), but given that I—and the majority of my coworkers, it should be noted—can do a lot of work from home (telecommuting rules!), my misguided dedication would only have served to get someone else sick.

Just like someone did to me.

You f*cking bastard, whoever you are.