Should have stayed on vacation

Just got back from a long weekend away in the foothills of Arkansas (you should know better by now than to ask me for pictures…). A perfectly enjoyable couple of days away, except for two minor events:

  • While stopped at a scenic overlook halfway down Rich Mountain, we caught a snippet of some station’s college football recap show, finding out that the score of the A&M-OU game was 49-0, OU. It was then we discovered that we were listening to the halftime show. Oh dear lord.
  • Upon returning to our room at the lodge, we found out that the final score turned out to be 77-0. Seventy-seven to nothing.

Just as in A&M’s loss to Texas Tech earlier this season, a couple of records fell by the wayside:

  • Most points allowed: 77 (old record: 59 by Texas Tech, oh, about a month or so ago)
  • Largest margin of defeat: 77 (old record: 48 against Texas, 1898)

And while not necessarily record-setting, it should be also be noted that the Aggies never crossed midfield (!) and gained only 54 yards of total offense for the entire game.

Yes, we now officially suck.