Multiple versions of IE? Yes!

Thanks to the efforts of an intrepid web developer, it turns out that it is actually possible to run multiple versions of Internet Explorer on the same Windows machine, a feat previously thought to be quite impossible thanks to Microsoft supposedly integrating IE into the Windows OS. Bah to that! Now you can run everything from the latest 6.x browser on down through the various 5.x incarnations and even on down to the 4.x versions at the same time, a boon to any and every web developer wanting to check cross-browser compatibility for a design.

Another intrepid webbie has made standalone downloads of IE 4.01, 5.01, and 5.5 available—grab ’em before Mr. Gates decides to sue him! :-)

Oh, and as to Microsoft’s claims during their anti-trust trial that IE was inextricably tied to the OS, which in theory should have made the above impossible? I guess this means that the boys in Redmond were officially full of shit.