Saying goodbye to an old friend

Back in 1995, I adopted Pegasus Mail as my full-time home e-mail client. Eudora was all the rage, Outlook was just about to explode, and here instead I chose this off-the-beaten-path client, full of little oddities but loyally adored by its fans. A Windows e-mail client—but one that wasn’t vulnerable to the umpteen Windows e-mail viruses that plagued (and still plague) us. And it was free to boot. Love at first sight.

But recently, I switched over to the upstart (and also free) Mozilla Thunderbird as my new client of choice, retiring PMail from my home PC for the first time in eight years. It wasn’t a move I made hastily, as I basically ran the two clients side-by-side for weeks. But in the end, Thunderbird’s clean and predictable feel got me past my comfort level with PMail (whose oddities, though charming in a way, made it a little easier to part with).

(In a related note, I’ve been using the Mozilla Firebird browser as my primary Web browser for months now for many reasons—it’s actually frustrating to go back to Internet Explorer on those rare occasions that I have to.)

So I guess I’m set now until, what, 2011?