The good, the bad, and the ugly

Since there is no “good” part, let’s call it The Bad, The Ugly, and The Abominable.

The Bad: Being roused out of a nice sleep at around midnight by an almost unbearable pain on one side of your mouth—the same side in which the dentist found a budding cavity a couple of weeks ago, the cavity scheduled to be filled upon returning from your vacation.

The Ugly: Making an unscheduled visit to said dentist late Monday morning (though thankful that he could fit you in on such short notice). Having the dentist start to drill out the old filling in the tooth where the cavity sits, then having him mutter “uh-oh” a short while later. Chomping down on a roof-of-the-mouth-scraping bitewing for an X-ray to verify the cause of said “uh-oh”. Listening to those ugly words: “decay” (as in what’s attacking the tooth)…”underneath the filling” (as in to where the decay has apparently spread)… “mush” (as in to what the inside of the tooth has turned). Then hearing the ugliest of the ugly words: root canal. Walking out of the dentist’s office three hours later with a mouth still partially shot up with anesthetic. Wishing the anesthetic was still there an hour after that, as the lack of numbness alerts you to the fact that your mouth, assaulted as it was for three hours, now really, really hurts.

The Abominable: Celine Dion’s cover of the Etta James classic, “At Last”, especially when you’re forced to listen to it while trapped in a dentist’s chair in the middle of a root canal. They gave me Novacaine for the root canal; the least they could have done was offer me earplugs for the Celine…