Isn’t it nap time or something?

Every now and then, someone in the office will bring their child(ren) to work for whatever reason. And they tend to be very well-behaved, so no one minds them being around.

This morning, the woman on the other side of the cubicle decided to bring her two young children to work with her for whatever reason. And for the past half hour and change, I’ve been treated to the following: “<screeching and whining> That’s mine! That’s my *something unintelligible*!”, take the kid(s) out into the hallway, pause a few minutes, repeat.

Look, I can appreciate whatever situation led you to bringing your kids to work with you this morning. But this is a place of work, first and foremost, not a Kinder-Care. Control your kids, or work from home for the day. I didn’t sign up for this.