Turning the big 3-5

That’s right—it was my birthday over the weekend. But you had no way of knowing that, so don’t feel too guilty about not getting me anything. This time. And what did I do to celebrate the occasion? Not much—which is exactly what I wanted.

Summary: Got out of bed late with my sweetie. Ventured down into Addison to try (again – *) to hit Royal Spice for lunch. Ended up at Magic Time Machine instead—if you’ve ever been there, you know that we had a good time (for the record, Superman was our server). Went furniture shopping—got the last remaining piece for our bedroom set. Got some cool DVDs from my sweetie. Had dinner at Osaka Sushi. Discovered that Osaka apparently doesn’t give away a free sake set on your birthday anymore. Stuffed ourselves at the sushi buffet anyway.

But just as a reminder that the world doesn’t stop revolving for me on my birthday, I spent most of the next day pulling weeds and mowing the lawn.

(*) Ah, Royal Spice. A very highly recommended Thai spot down in Addison Circle. We tried to go there two Sundays ago, only to find a handwritten sign on the front door saying “We (sic) not open Sunday”. Well, crap. So, as mentioned, we tried again this past Saturday afternoon… only to discover that they only do dinners on Saturdays. Crap again. (Guess we should have paid more attention to the hours sign the first time around, but oh well…) C’mon, Royal Spice—we really, really want to give you some of our money, but you’re making this awfully difficult for us!