Dining out as sport

A pitch-by-pitch account of our recent dining out experiences at three local restaurants (our first time at each)…

First offering: Texas Stardom (formerly Tejas Grill) (Frisco). We were out shopping near the mall recently and decided to try this place that we’d driven by so often. What resulted was a decidedly mixed bag: My choice of carne asada was OK, her choice of the “Lone Star Sirloin” was overdone and flavorless. Disappointing considering the decent reviews of the place. We may have just caught them on an off day, but with a yummy alternative like La Hacienda Ranch nearby that offers up a similar menu, we’re not champing at the bit to find out.

Result: Call it a foul tip… strike one.

Next: Ivy’s Bayou Bistro (Plano). It’s hard to miss this garishly decorated place along 75/Central, and we decided to give it a try after returning home from Houston a couple of weeks ago. I tried their etouffee, and my sweetie had a blackened mahi mahi—and neither of us ended up with anything to write home about. I didn’t think it was possible to make bland Cajun/creole food, but they somehow succeeded in doing so. Pappadeaux, here we come!

Result: Slider looking, right at the knees… strike two.

Uh-oh, down 0-2, and here comes the third pitch: Gloria’s (Frisco). Another place that we’d been hearing a lot of good things about, and since neither of us felt like cooking last Friday night, we finally decided to try out their Salvadoran/Mexican fare. And as they say: “When in Rome…”, so we each ordered from the Salvadoran half of the menu—churrasco tipico (charbroiled skirt steak and Argentinian sausage) for me, mar y tierra (surf and turf, with charbroiled skirt steak and grilled shrimp) for her. The result was a wonderful dine-out experience: well-prepared and delicious food—including the regional side dishes (I love grilled plantains)—and attentive service. We’ll be back.

Result: *CRACK*… it might be… it could be… it is—a HOME RUN! (with apologies to the late Harry Caray)

Eagerly awaiting our next at-bat…