Happy Hallmark Day!

Please don’t misunderstand me—there’s absolutely nothing wrong with showing the one you love just how much you love them, and we’re no different from a lot of people in that we’re going to do a little something for each other. But why save it up for just one day? Shouldn’t this be a day to celebrate your joy instead of the day to celebrate your joy, as many are wont to do? Or in the words of someone else that I read somewhere:

If you can’t appreciate the person you love 365 days a year, what difference is one day going to make?

For my sweetie and me, today’s a good reason to hold hands a little longer or gaze into each others’ eyes a little longer. Not that we really need a reason, mind you—we pretty much do that the other 364 days of the year, too.

OK, I need to say something to my wife, so the rest of you have to leave. No, I mean now. <pause> Everyone else gone? OK then…

I (heart) you, kiddo!

You can all come back now… oh wait, they’re all gone, so they can’t hear me (duh)… saaaaay, sweetie, remember the card I gave you this morning?… whaddya say we—…