Weekend update

Eventually, life must go on, so after Saturday morning’s tragedy, we set out on our pre-planned weekend task: filling in the backyard pond.

[Aside: As you may or may not recall, our fish pond sprung a major league leak over the Christmas holidays. Instead of rebuilding it at this time, however, we decided to simply fill it in with dirt; when we rebuild, probably next year, we’ll start from scratch and do it right—the pond was built OK, but there were a few things we’d definitely do differently (read: better).]

First came all the prep work: removing (and saving) the stone edging—those big rocks ain’t cheap, and we’ll most definitely be able to make use of them—then tearing out the old pond liner. These tasks pretty much took up the rest of the morning. Right after lunch came the fun stuff: hauling an endless stream of wheelbarrows full of dirt from the driveway pile to the ex-pond. Six hours later, the pile was about two-fifths gone, and the hole the used to be a pond was mostly full. We called it a day, had dinner, and treated ourselves to a well-deserved trip to the Marble Slab.

Sunday morning was more of the same. We finished filling up the pond and then proceeded to start building up a low berm around the edge of our backyard against the fence line. By the middle of the afternoon, the dirt pile was almost gone, and given another hour, it would have disappeared completely. However, we had to knock off early to get ready for the evening’s festivities: seeing the latest Cirque du Soleil production, Alegria, at Fair Park. And as expected, it was quite splendid (the trampoline acrobats were the coolest, and my sweetie added to her collection of Cirque du Soleil CDs).

Now all that remains for the newly transplanted dirt out back is to dress all of it with some compost, then put down some ground cover (sod for the old pond, mulch for the berms). But that’s for another time, ’cause I am way too freaking sore to do anything like that right now…