Let it snow…

…let it snow, let it what??

That’s right—it snowed yesterday in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Barely enough to coat the ground where I live (a little north of Dallas proper), but it snowed.

I lived in Texas from around 1970 to 1995 (when I moved to the Boston area), and I can remember less than a handful of times that it snowed. (Needless to say, I saw a crapload of snow living around Boston.) It’s quite possible that my memory is just being selective and/or sucks, but regardless, let’s just say it didn’t snow too often down in south central Texas. But since I moved back to Texas in 2000, it’s snowed at least three times where I’ve lived. Maybe the D/FW area has always received more snow—I don’t know—but it’s novel enough to me to warrant mentioning.

Or maybe I’m just easily entertained.