Less spam in your diet?

Under new rules approved today by the Federal Trade Commision (FTC), it just got a lot harder being a telemarketer. (Or at least it will if the FTC can get congressional approval to implement the new rules, but since the head of the FTC is quoted as saying that the new rules have “strong” support in Congress, I’m optimistic.)

As a bonus, the new FTC rules would even phase out a loophole found in many states’ do-no-call lists, one that says that the lists do not apply to companies with which a person had previously established contact or already had an existing relationship with; such companies would only be allowed to call “for a limited time” once the new rules were in place.

Not surprisingly, the Direct Marketing Association and their cronies are already up in arms about the new rules, but they can go f*ck themselves for all I care.

Twenty-seven states (including Texas) already have some form of do-not-call list in place, but a national one would be just spiffy.