Date night

So last night, I had a date with this pretty amazing woman. We met after work and drove down to Deep Ellum here in Dallas—so far, so good. Next came a quick bite at Deep Sushi—quite yummy, and things are still going well. Finally came the highlight of the evening: seeing Gaelic Storm in concert at the Gypsy Tea Room. Pat Murphy and the gang put on an energetic and amusing 90-minute set that kept us up way past our bedtimes on a school night. But it was worth it since it gave me more time to spend with my date (who, as I mentioned, is pretty amazing).

(And you may not know it, but it’s more likely than not that you’ve seen Gaelic Storm, too, without knowing it—they were the steerage band in That Overrated Movie About The Big Ship That Hit An Iceberg And Sank But Unfortunately Left Us With That Godawful Celine Dion Song… you know, that movie.)

I’m thinking of asking her out again—I had a good time, and I think she had a good time, too. Of course, she’s already wearing our wedding ring on her finger, so I’m pretty sure of my chances…